About Us



Brand Story People’s life has been changed so much since the revolutionary invention of smartphones happened worldwide. While everyone admits that the costly device in fancy TV commercial seems not worthwhile for common daily use. Those people are deprived of the rights to enjoy elegant products and services if they don’t like to pay extra cash for the functions that they never use. IONE PHONE will deliver people affordable products with fine design and solid quality thus people will enjoy their life.

Brand Position

IONE PHONE is a passionate brand targeting at a wider global market and dedicated to deliver finely designed yet wallet-friendly smart devices to consumers across continents. IONE PHONE, as the name suggests that MAX & ONE for Life, it supplies people smart devices that are dedicated to work for life for you & I. It is the source of joy and love. All IONE PHONE products will be found in stylish design, fine polytechnic and well equipped. Our ultimate objective is that everyone enjoys the amazing changes brought by advanced technology. IONE PHONE is dedicated to be TOP 5 smartphone brand in a global scale by 2-3 years.

Brand Value

Brand is not a name or a logo in marketing materials, but trust. Because of professional visual image and service, customers feel close to our name. Because of public praise that customers feel safe with us. Because of nice user experience and solid product quality that customers lay their trust to IONE PHONE. Branding is not only a fancy TV commercial or a stunning billboard, but the same value we share in trusting. Customer is the only reason that we are here.